For my final bachelor project at Sunderland University, I made a Children book about the environmental challenges we are facing on earth. The story is about a girl that finds little lifeless bird on her way home from school. She takes the bird home but finds out that the bird is too weak to survive. She decides to kill the bird, but just in time the birds opens his eyes and starts talking. 

Photos is taken in London, Sunderland and Stavanger. I used both 35mm camera and a digital camera. 

Drawings is drawn with pen on paper and painted in photoshop.

The main character (the girl) is made by taking photos of the different positions and painted with water colours and a black pen for the stokes. For final touch and colour adjustments I used Photoshop.

For backgrounds I painted on water colour paper, used close ups of images or old english newspapers.

For the text I used Arial Black and wrote the letters in photoshop the way I wanted it to look. To get the grungy look I printed out the text on a piece of paper and curled it by hand and used my nails to make scratches. Then I scanned the paper and adjusted the text in photoshop.

For the story I did a lot of research about the environment and targeted the story for children between 7 and 11 years old.

The projected resulted in First-class degree and I got to show my work at the New Blood Festival in London.

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